A Guide To Parents On Kids And Video Games

Undoubtedly, video gaming industry has witnessed a phenomenal growth with the advent of computers and the Internet. It is poised to set new trends with the arrival of Smartphones. This short article is all about offering some guidance to the parents on which games a child should play, the duration of the play and how to prevent kids from seeing violent games.


Video games are beneficial in bringing children together just like the outdoor games. Also, these electronically synthesized games offer great amusements for kids for many days, and sometimes they drive kids to become addicts. In this context, every parent has the responsibility to allow their kids to play these games in moderation. Otherwise, reversing the behavior can be hard if the parents do not exercise proper control.


Interestingly, even the game designers do not know the right formula to prevent kids watching or playing for long hours. Though these experts are found to be too good in making innovation in their gaming designs, it is a big challenge even for them to arrest their own kids in playing these games continuously. Psychologists around the world agree most of these video games make a specific pattern in the minds of the kids who are watching these games. Here the moderation seems to be the real key, and hence parents need to recognize the behaviors of the kid who is regularly watching these games.


Like movies, all the video games have age ratings, and every parent should know this fact and pay attention to this basic thing. However, the gaming system does not have any standard like movies where some of them are 18 plus rated by which one can restrict. When it comes to video games which have innumerable shooting stuff are rated for three-plus wherein few of these games are too good. Games like Minecraft, LittleBigPlanet, Lego Worlds build creativity in the minds of kids. Such games remove the boredom of playing violin in a music class or learning fractions in mathematics. A game like Toca Boca is well designed for the pc tablets which attract the kids instantaneously. To teach the kids about art, the popular Super Mario Maker seems to the best option for the parents.


When it comes to kid’s gaming, the aspect of good parenting lies in managing factors like taking a right decision and making them informed to the kids to feel the things whether it is right or wrong. Parents need to be armed with factual data and should have the ability to use the console’s parental control buttons on all the devices the children use. This discipline is mandatory to exercise a better parental control over this never ending gaming world. One has to show a sort of rigidness in this matter in order to prevent kids from the game addictions.

When it comes to the screening times, there is no restriction on kids. However, parents are suggested to offer an hour a day which is permissible considering the other schooling activities the kids need to fulfill.

Best Video Games For kids

Engaging children during the summer times is really challenging for most of the parents around the world. Activities at the swimming pool, playing games on the beach or back yards are surely good, but they are exhaustive and make the kids get tired soon. It is also more challenging for the homemakers to keep their kids engaged while preparing the food in the kitchen. In this context, video games are the best available for the parents to keep the children busy inside the home.


However, parents have the responsibility of allowing their kids to watch the right video games that are recommended for their age. Here one has to be careful in making the children move away from the video games that promote violence. For the sake of readers and the concerned parents, this short write up is written to offer some tips on some of the kid-friendly games that make the children spend some useful time during the summer. All these games that are indicated here offer great fun as well as have contents that are suitable for all ages.


Poochy & Yoshi’s Woolly World: One cannot miss appreciating the cuteness of Yoshi, and hence this game attracts kids of all ages. Anyone can play this game at any level with great ease. The Poochy Pups offer an attraction to the young kids, and the older kids can focus on the secrets and collectibles that are to be identified at each level. The game is also available in a 3D version which can be played during the long travel times by road or air.


LEGO Worlds; Though this is considered to be an old game, this game well known for offering great fun to the players. There are innumerable colors of LEGOs available and are considered to be expensive. The game offers massive LEGO play lands with various types of ecosystems and tools to build. One can build a new world according to his or her own passion and dreams. The game helps to enhance the creative skills of the children and hence preferred by many from all parts of the world. Games like Just Dance, MLB The Show 17, Yooka-Laylee are more to add up the list. It is always suggested that parents need to read the reviews which are shared in the web world. Such readings will help the parents to choose the right game that is suitable for the kid.


There are many more video games that are listed as kid-friendly, and the list goes on beyond the games that are mentioned above. These games contain the contents that have no blood, no swearing, not anything else that are not appropriate for the children. More and more games are released every year so that parents can make these games ready for the next summer. More than a time-pass, these games build a good relationship with the players as well induce lots of creativity in the minds of the growing kids. It is no doubt that these video games are not only used to spend a leisure time but also make the kids more attentive in their academic studies too.

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